Question And Answers
Q1. How do I register for NABC2016?
Ans. You can register online through the website and pay using cards or download registration form and mail attaching check to the address
       as mentioned on the Form.

Q2. I registered to NABC 2016, but did not get any confirmation mail. Whom should I contact?
. Please send mail to contact

Q3. How do I make hotel reservation?
Ans. If you have received confirmation mails with links for hotel reservations, please visit the links and make a reservation. If you didn't get confirmation mail,

Q4. Me/My organization is interested in performing at NABC 2016, whom should I contact?
Ans. You can download Program Registration Form, duly fill in as per instructions given in the form and send across to us. Download Program Registration Form

Q5. Me / My company/venture wants to setup a stall at NABC 2016?
. Please send mail to or check online in the website – Exhibitor section

Q6. Our organization is interested for sponsorship in NABC 2016. What do we do?
. Please check Sponsors section of the website. You can register online or send mail to

Q7. I am not receiving any update or newsletter from NABC 2016
Ans. Please contact Tapan Sen -

Q8. I am interested in some marketing opportunity in NABC brochure and/or NABC website, whom do I need to contact?
Ans. Please contact Purna Bhattacharya -

Q9. Any discussion with Airlines for concession rates?
Ans. We are discussing with different airlines for the event. Please check our website for recent updates.

Q10. How far is the Hotel from airport; is bus or taxi available?
Ans. We are making negotiation with the hotels and shall update with the information

Q11. Hotel parking facility and availability
Ans. Watch out for information to come up

Q12. Food availability inside and around the hotel
Ans. Watch out for information ** Indian Food Option will also be there – check our website for details

Q13. What is the exact location of the venue?
Ans. Please check Venue section in the website


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